Growth in your mortgage business isn't just about more leads, it's about having the right business model. As your loan volume increases, capacity and time become major issues and can cause inefficiencies.

Contrary to common belief, the solution is not simply more and faster . KMPC can guide you to think outside the box and account for market shifts, staff changes, and even burnout. This requires full implementation of a system custom-built for you.

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KPMC All Stars

BEFORE: 3 loans/month | AFTER: 20 loans/month

“When I first was introduced to Khai, I was doing 2-3 loans per month.  My CEO saw more potential in me and recommended I work with him.  I was resistant because at 26 years old, I thought I was making plenty of money and doing well.  I didn’t think I needed help.  6 months after starting with Khai, I funded 24, 24 and 23 loans per month respectively.  I never thought I would ever fund in one month what it normally took me one year to do.  Khai has completely changed my life and opened my eyes to the effectiveness of coaching.” - Jeanna Carey, Loan Officer, Gold Star Financial

KMPC Top performers



There are 4 true Levels of Growth, each with their own unique set of challenges. Advancing to the next level requires building a system that elevates both your output and perspective.



Our coaching model is designed to fast track growth in a scalable, sustainable, and manageable fashion.
The KMPC coaching program will help you identify and escalate through the 4 distinct Levels of Growth. You will create a business model that establishes systems and sustains production levels to prevent major fluctuation, propelling you to grow your business at a solid and predictable pace.
Solo and Team Coaching
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Solo and Team Coaching



Khai McBride Founder
Founder & CEO
Khai McBride's business acumen and coaching skills are widely recognized by mortgage companies nationwide and is regularly invited to speak at top industry events such as Mortgage Mastermind and Mortgage Revolution.
Robert Mahaffey
Team Coach / Broker
Robert opened 3rd Street Financial in 2007 and shortly after began coaching with Khai. After growing his business to 10 employees, Robert was named to Cincinnati Business Courier’s 12th Fastest Growing Private Company, the "Fast 55.”
“Every successful person in life has some type of mentor. Whether it’s a parent, teacher, boss, author, or coach. They accelerate your success by providing you a mental blueprint and keeping you accountable. Your only need to commit to the work. The formula is simple: Find a mentor, commit yourself, and the results will follow. I’m here to make sure you win.” - Khai McBride



Steve Levitt

"Thanks Khai… helped me go from closing 8 files a month to 8 files a month! Huh? Oh…..but I was previously a control freak, working 60 hours a week, short staffed, was never home for dinner with my family, and was way out of shape, both physically and mentally. Now, I barely spend time on files, work around 25 hours a week, hired additional staff, I’m home for dinner, lost 20+ lbs. and feel much better about everything. As you know, it was never about increasing my book of business, as much as it was about improving my mindset, systems, and lifestyle. Clearly, we achieved our goals…..but my family is reaping the benefits as well. Again, sincere thanks…..especially for our friendship. Continued success, in changing other people’s lives, like you have mine."
- Steve Levitt, Regional Manager, Guaranteed Rate
Traci Everman

"Before I first started working with Khai, I had an assistant and could barely fund 3 loans a month. Time was running out because the refinance market was dying and I needed to make a change fast! When we first started coaching, it was a rough start because I was a major procrastinator and didn't believe in myself. After 3 months of mindset coaching with Khai, I finally took the mental leap and went for it. Within 4 months, I was funding 9 purchase loans per month! I owe Khai so much for helping my business, but most of all, helping me believe in myself."
- Traci Everman, Branch Manager, Guaranteed Rate
Mike Metz
BEFORE: 25 LOANS/mo + 60 HOURS/wk
AFTER: 30 LOANS/mo + 40 HOURS/wk

"After over 20 years in the mortgage business, I've come to believe that Khai McBride can definitely teach an old dog new tricks! Since coaching with Khai, I have become more streamlined and my team and I have more clarity than ever before. Things are so simple and straightforward now. Ultimately, I now work significantly less with less staff and expenses, while my income has increased. I also have much less stress when I'm out of the office because my company is running like a well-oiled machine. I somehow even got to like working with Realtors and Facebook since working with him! I don't consider Khai my coach, he's my Chief Operating Officer. Thanks Khai!"
- Mike Metz, Branch Manager, Guaranteed Rate